Aqua Massage in London

Dive into a unique blend of fun, soapy, and sensual experiences with our signature Aqua Massage at Tantric London.

This service, tailored to relax and rejuvenate, combines the therapeutic benefits of water with the sensual touch of our skilled masseuses.

Ideal for those looking to unwind in a memorable and exhilarating way, our Aqua Massage offers a genuinely one-of-a-kind relaxation journey in London.

Incall and Outcall Available

Tantric London is dedicated to accommodating your preferences with both In Call and Out Call options:

In Call:
Visit us at one of our upscale apartments, designed to provide luxury and privacy for your Aqua Massage experience.

Out Call:
Do you prefer the comfort of your own space? Our masseuses will come to your hotel in London, bringing you the serene experience of Aqua Massage directly.

When visiting our masseuses, their bathrooms are perfectly set up for aqua therapy. If you have booked an outcall aqua massage, please ensure your hotel is appropriately set up for the session. Hotel baths are generally quite spacious and ideally suited to this indulgent massage.

Main Areas Covered in London:

  • Westminster
  • Kensington and Chelsea
  • Camden
  • Hammersmith and Fulham

Explore the complete list of areas we cover on our website and find out how you can book your session in your preferred location.

Choosing Your Masseuse

At Tantric London, the connection with your masseuse is vital to a transformative Aqua Massage experience.

Browse our team of professional and experienced masseuses to choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. Each masseuse brings unique style and expertise, ensuring that your massage is as personal as it is delightful.

Enhance your relaxation journey by combining your Aqua Massage with our specialised treatments. Consider pairing it with a Tantric Massage or a Body to Body Massage, each designed to deepen your relaxation and intensify your sensory experience. Explore these options:

Tantric Massage:
Delve deeper into sensuality with a Tantric Massage, which can help you harness and manage your sensual energy in a rejuvenating way.

Body-to-Body Massage:
Experience the thrilling closeness and warmth of a Body-to-Body Massage, where your masseuse uses her entire body to impart a more intense and intimate massage experience.

Selecting the right combination of treatments will maximise your experience, allowing for a truly bespoke and comprehensive session tailored just for you. Our expert masseuses are ready to guide you through each therapy, creating a harmonious blend of treatments that best suit your relaxation and pleasure needs.

Booking Your Aqua Massage

Ready to experience the bliss of Aqua Massage?

Booking your session is easy and flexible. Choose your preferred masseuse, and select an In Call or Out Call option that works for you.

Call Call: +447 746 229 127 to schedule your Aqua Massage today and prepare for an exquisite escape that promises both relaxation and invigoration.

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