Celine - Tantric Masseuse


Meet CELINE, your gateway to a world of wild fantasies and captivating imagination. The allure of her Brazilian origins, combined with the grace of her 25-year-old presence, will leave you yearning for an experience like no other.

She stands at 1,60m, a perfect blend of elegance and grace, as her petite form complements her powerful presence. With an orientation of bisexual desires, she weaves a spell of passion that transcends boundaries.

Her enticing 32c silicone curves invite exploration, igniting a fire within your soul that only she can quell.

Incall and Outcall Services

From Mon to Fri, the hours of 9am to 12am, and on weekends from 12pm to 11pm, she welcomes seekers of indulgence into her sanctuary. Should you wish for her caress within the familiar confines of your own domain, worry not, for her in and out-calls service is yours to enjoy.


Celine, Unlocking the Art of Pleasure.

CELINE is more than a masseuse; she's an artist of sensuality, her touch awakening every fiber of your being. Embrace the allure of her Tantric Massage, where passion and connection merge in a dance of divine pleasure. Surrender to the cascading waters of her Aqua Shower Massage, a cleansing experience that will leave you rejuvenated and renewed.

Discover ecstasy with her Aqua Bath Massage, an immersion into a world of serenity that will captivate your senses. For those daring to explore new frontiers, indulge in her Prostate Massage and Nuru Massage, where boundaries blur and pleasure reigns supreme.

Celine, A Plethora of Sensations.

CELINE's repertoire extends beyond the realms of dreams and desires. Her Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage bestow relaxation upon tired souls, leaving you invigorated and restored. Embark on a journey of discovery with her Foot & Fetish Massage, a delightful exploration of untapped pleasure.

Experience the allure of her Tie & Tease Massage, where passion simmers, waiting to be unleashed. For couples seeking an enchanting escapade, indulge in her coveted Couples Massage and Four Hands Massage, where passion intertwines with intimacy in an unforgettable rendezvous.

Celine, A World of Boundless Imagination

Beyond massage, CELINE is an ardent explorer of life's wonders. From captivating cinema and enthralling concerts to enriching museum visits, her inquisitive spirit seeks beauty in every moment. Wander alongside her on journeys to far-off lands, and savour the joy of indulgence in shopping.

Her favourite sports—Gym, Boxing, CrossFit, and Swimming—bolster her energy, ensuring every touch she bestows is infused with boundless vitality and passion.

Your Gateway to Bliss:Celine

CELINE's door is open to seekers of pleasure and excitement. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of her presence during her usual working hours, and savour rare moments of intimacy on weekends. Experience her touch in the comfort of your own abode with her outcall services, enriching your sanctuary with boundless allure.

With the nearest Goodge Street Tube Station at your disposal, your journey to euphoria is just a heartbeat away.

Don't Let Your Fantasy Slip Away

In the realm of desire and temptation, CELINE stands as a beacon, an oasis of pleasure amidst the mundane. Act swiftly to book your moment of enchantment, as the chance to experience her touch is fleeting. Allow your imagination to soar and your regrets to vanish as you embrace the extraordinary.

Capture life's finest moments in the artistry of pleasure with CELINE. Book now and embark on a journey of tantalising sensations that will linger in your dreams forever.

"In the dance of indulgence, CELINE orchestrates a symphony of pleasure—every touch, a note; every moment, a timeless melody."


Height: 1.6 m

Age: 25

Orentation: Bisexual

Bust: 32C Silicon

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Nationality: Brazilian

Incall location: Fitzrovia

Tube Station: Goodge Street

Does mobile outcalls: Yes


1 Hour —> Incall £200

1 Hour —> Mobile outcall £300 + taxi

+1 Hour —> Incall £200

+1 Hour —> Mobile outcall £200

2 Hour —> Incall £400

2 Hour —> Mobile outcall £500 + taxi


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